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CSR Activity

 Foundation of Smt Shanti Devi inter College, Kinki Village, Uttar Pradesh
 Foundation of  Nath Sewa Trust, Kinki Village, Uttar Pradesh
 Foundation of Divya Ashram Trust, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
 Donation in Gaushala  
 Food Distribution in Corona period
 Army Welfare fund Battle Casualties
 Tree Plantation - 08th January 2021
 Blanket Distribution in School - 26th January 2021
 Blood Donation Camp - 2nd Feb 2021
 Maheshwar Nath Mandir, Siswariya Village - 10th March 2021
 Ram Leena Manch, Siswariya Village - 10th March 2021
 Akeshwar Nath Mandir, Ekma Village - 23rd May 2021
 Kedareshwar Mandir, Bhamaicha Village - 12th July 2021
 Gym Opening for public in free of cost - 17th September 2021
 Nishulak Khaad-Beej Vitran to Farmers - 2nd October 2021
 01 Barber Shop Donation in Pandey Bazaar, Kinki to Mr. Shiv Charan - 04th November 2021
 Play Ground (Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket), Kinki - 29th November 2021
 Hanuman Garhi Mandir, Siswariya - 25th January 2022
 Camp for Awareness for Education - 16th April 2022
 Marriage Camp – 05 Girls - 09th May 2022
 Char-Dham Tirith Yatra – 60 Member - 04th January 2023
 Marriage Camp – 07 Girls - 22th February 2023